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Then came the wind. . .The Darker Days. . .As they drain downThe cliffThe swarmThe IslandThe waiting treeReady to Fall?Season of colorUp the river, up the skyThe towerThe HerdColor of Season to comeLooking to lightOut of the BlueThe South VentsThrough GlassSomewhat strangeA reflection of a former lifeStand StillSmallLastPaddle byAll that remainsThe Black and White BirdThe RemainsTwo LevelsSky geyserThe CurveSemi-transparent. . .The WindThe pipe2007SpotlightSitting highStandMerry Christmas!In likeness. . .Eagle on IceGoalieStill standing. . .Mercury Flow. . .FluffedRisingUntil the windThe barsA look throughBlueSolid lightLeft standingChilledFrozen landThat time of year. . .Frost before SnowGolden strandsPeek outThe beginning of a new day. . .BrushstrokesFourGlass on clawsStill colorFloat and FallNevermoreRunning RidgesIce. . .PatternsFinal hours of freedomThe color of lightJust another drop. . .The next dayFlying lightThe final hours. . .Lone LoonPink PastelThe remaining. . .Last one. . .GoldenSpiraling upStand up stillThe last. . .Toss and turnFall back into darknessThe holeDonAs they fly byOver time. . .2 1/2 mileThe shadow to comeBacklit BlueChanging againWaiting for the endexplodeSay it isnLeft in shamblesOwl AbstractionTangleEverywhereRusticTread lightlyXSoft and SteelLight in many waysLook twiceRiver FlowSwirl AroundOne Wing HiFalling awayFly FreeFishing away. . .ThreeIce BlueComplexHole in the SkyAbovenetFuzzy and PinkBroodingRound rockFlight pathLupineFuzzyFairy SlipperDotsStillParallelA million and oneMillionsStarAlone in the worldFloatAfter the lightRock on SteelPussy WillowLast YearTwistStringsFragileBlocksRocketPoking ThroughReaching for the CloudsFadingBrushedSpin aroundFineStill StandingCrushedGhost TreesPathsFrozen FormsReaching ShadowTwisted HandsFeatherFrozen matterLaunchingRolling downStatuePassing ByFalling overTwistedDim ColorSweeping colorCold and DeadThrough to the skylooking throughSeashell in the skySnow LaceForkPink and FrailFaceless FaceFrozen SolidWhite Worldswirling spiritThe gloomy BlueBack to ice and snowSunset surfWaiting for the WavesLeaving to the rightStep softlySwirling, crashing. . .Life on the EdgeWalking homeRoyal EleganceWhirlpoolDreamySepia Soft and BluePillar of ColorWaiting for Better daysOil FlowScary Sky. . .Water PlowPlastic SunCrystal BallWetSoft and IcyFlying WaterStill GoingOut of ReachLong Lost SummerClose and FarCrispIce FogMooseThe ice cold blue. . .The crashing wavesSilver FlowCrystal silence. . .Of the past season. . .InsignificantThe calmReaching OverTriangleGlowing FireLiquid SandTilting ShadowCold ColorBlades of FrostTumultuous SkyInto the WindBack to the RootsWinter LightStanchion 378Frozen Beauty TwoAbstract IceSmoke on the WaterSoft and SpikyHonor RollLittle GreenDeath of a StarTwisted ShadowStickyCapturedHarbor Watch"No Excuses"The NeedlesDroopingCapsules of LifeIce CloudHazy TowerRock in VaporLiquid SteelSyncTilting ReflectionSinking into DuskGlowing ShadowSilent ArchwaySnow SwordArrowThe color of changing timesCrisscross ColorsShadowed ProwlerTurmoilEvening BreakerPillar of AutumnToppling TowersSplash!Frozen BeautyA Burning FirePrecariousOverlappingPlink!Blue TeethThe outstretched handCrosshairsLeaning on the EdgeBeehindNarrow PerchColor, Contrast, CloudFine Lines in ColorSwirling SkyImperfect BeautyRoad ClosedRolling SkyA Red FireDizzyCold CouchEerieGolden HourSkyward ReflectionA Short StackCapturing them allSilver StreakHanging OutCircle through the SkyFinal burst of ColorLopsidedAs they Fade. . .Contrast of the SeasonsReaching for the FleetingThe colors of Life and DeathOrange MistSmall and FuzzyStaredownAfter the FactSharp and ColorfulOne of many feetOnly his ShadowUnwantedThe DistanceThe Penalty of BoundriesTemporary LifeSmokey MountainsBlue backed BubblesFirefliesAlpineAbove the World. . .Rock and CloudRiding AnchorLooking to the LightOne against the SkyCrystaline PearlFire and SkyLiquid DiamondsThe PaletteLost in Time and SpaceAlaskan wilderness: 1898IncomingHonda: The Power of DreamsShroudedSparkle in her eyeDinner timeCountlessrestFloating SoloVertical CircleBad Hair DayLeaving. . .The eyesSluggishLiquid lightgraspColor in confusionThe shadowcaaaaaandyHappy 4th!The accompliceBlueveins of lifeClearGreeeeenStanding tall till the endUideExpanseUpwards and DownwardsRolling thunderSmooth as silkInfraredalikeFinal momentsIce EdgeMajesticDasani - Make Your Mouth WaterBalancelonelyHanging onFocal PointContrastSharp and PokeyTime warp