The First. . .That higher path beyond. . .The Wily CoyoteThe Fury BeneathThen came the wind. . .The Deception of the DistanceThe Lone WatchmanThe mountain through the trees. . .That Land Beyond. . .The Darker Days. . .The dawn. . .The lesser volcanoThe Station. . .As the river winds down. . .DevilThe mobflipper upThrough darknessThe rainbow. . .The boatsSpirit MountainAs they drain downCampers. . .where?Up thereDonThe mountain passThe cliffOut to the edgeUntil they hatchThe swarmThe IslandWatchThrough the cloudsThe waiting treeThe RosePink eveningThe skyThe waitingCalypsoReady to FallOut of the grassLooking downSeason of colorEvening restBack at lastSpring colorThe FlockTouchdownComing homeYou interrupted me. . .Return to perchUp the river, up the skyOpening upHigh overThe towerThe layers aboveColor of Season to comeLooking to lightOut of the foothills. . .Ridgeline upLight, by moonlightThe South VentsTo the hills. . .Down the road. . .into the hillsKlutina RaysOut and aboveThe darkness fliesSomewhat strangeClingPokeyLooking out overLooking up hillThe pillarsRising out of DarknessSunrise on the CanyonRattlesnakes Only!PopulationIn search. . .Stand StillSmall. . .And out the other sideLastSizePaddle byAll that remainsLookStand and sleepLook over shadowRerunsThe Black and White BirdInto the eyesLiving life on the bottomThe nightThe RemainsBack in actionRunning Around the BendTwo LevelsSky geyserEveningThe CurveSemi-transparent. . .The WindThe pipeSpotlightAs they multiplyUp the ValleySitting highStandIn likeness. . .Clear through the blueThe TwoEagle on IceStill standing. . .OutsiderMercury Flow. . .FluffedRisingUntil the windThe barsA look throughBlueSolid lightCrystal ClearLeft standingChilledRolling inFrozen landThat time of year. . .ThreeSkipping throughFrost before SnowCold peaks. . .Golden strandsThe tree over. . .Looking back againPeek outComing overThe beginning of a new day. . .Anticipating hard times ahead. . .Morning LightBrushstrokesFourGlass on clawsThe looming distanceSnider PeakDark wisp. . .Float and FallNevermoreIn wait. . .Running RidgesIce. . .ThreeFreezePatternsFinal hours of freedomHidden. . .sort ofThe color of lightThe next dayFlying lightFinal lightBehind the cageWhere?The final hours. . .The essence of balanceTip topLone LoonPink PastelOut in the wildMoving through. . .White rock. . .The remaining. . .Last one. . .Blackburn FallGoldenSpiraling upStand up stillThe last. . .Toss and turnFall back into darknessThe holeDonWillow PtarmiganAs they fly byOver time. . .Into the misty night. . .2 1/2 mileThe shadow to comeBacklit BlueChanging againWaiting for the endexplodeThe pointSay it isnUp ValleySky and WaterThe minorTwo treesWaiting for the openerThe animal. . .The valleyOwl AbstractionLeft for better things. . .HikeTangleReflectionFine LinesThunderheadRocksMiniature CloudsAmerican DipperEverywhereTwo by the waterA RushStrutLight in many waysStairway to Heaven. . .Speed Limit 25. . .turn rightAir SuperiorityStill ThereBad tail day. . .PinkQuiet ColorsAll in a rowStillAlways followAlmost Falling. . .Flow through twoSoar. . .River FlowSwirl AroundOne Wing HiAnd still they swim. . .Liquid TransparencyFalling awayKlutina RiverFishing away. . .ThreeAlder FlycatcherLeapTwoIce BlueComplexNew lifeHole in the SkyMine!Standing into EveningAboveField. . .netPink and PurpleHoldingThree GiantsFuzzy and PinkLook overBroodingOne against the worldStareRound rockFlight pathLook and ListenLupineFuzzyFairy SlipperDotsDuoStillParallelA million and oneMillionsMoving inMoveEvening shinesWhy did the moose cross the road?Natural groundBoat? Where?Get away!Where did YOU come from?StarOpen your eyesThe good and the badAlone in the worldWhere is the food?Now, free as a birdConfusion in FlightSpring at lastFloatPartidaThe PangaCaught in the CloudsChoyero 3BajaOn VacationAfter the lightRock on SteelPussy WillowLast YearThe Face: Pink and BlueThe FaceStringsFragileRocketPoking ThroughReaching for the CloudsFadingSpin aroundFineWalk-byGoing on BlueStill StandingCrushedGhost TreesFall awayPathsDwarfed GiantOff in the distanceBluffFrozen FormsReaching ShadowTwisted HandsAbove and BeyondDriedFeatherCold DropsFrozen matterSpotsEvidenceRising into lightSquintElementsRolling downLast RemnantStatueStill and SilentUrban SprawlBathtimeOld Road HomeThe KingCanvasbackHidden awayEvening CalmTop HatMountain of Ice2Mountain of iceDevilRibbonsPassing By AgainPassing ByFalling overTwistedRun onDim ColorSweeping colorFrosted tracksLeaning towardsCold and DeadThrough to the skylooking throughSeashell in the skyGood and BadWho are you?Snow LaceForkPink and FrailFrozen SolidWhite WorldWhere are we going?Mush!The gloomy BlueBack to ice and snowSunset surfWaiting for the WavesLeaving to the rightStep softlySwirling, crashing. . .Life on the EdgeWalking homeRoyal EleganceSeagullDreamyArizona SkySomething Wicked This Way ComesSturgeon Moon Watch TowerSepiaCajun LunchEagle OwlPillar of ColorWaiting for Better daysOil FlowScary Sky. . .Water PlowImpaledCrystal BallWetSoft and IcyPerspectiveFlying WaterStill GoingOut of ReachLong Lost SummerClose and FarCrispFrozen GiantIce FogMooseThe ice cold blue. . .The crashing wavesSilver FlowCrystal silence. . .Of the past season. . .InsignificantThe calmReaching OverTriangleGlowing FireLiquid SandTilting ShadowCold ColorBlades of FrostTumultuous SkyInto the WindTwo RealmsBack to the RootsWinter LightFrozen Beauty TwoAbstract IceSmoke on the WaterSoft and SpikyLittle GreenDeath of a StarTwisted ShadowStickyCaptured"No Excuses"The NeedlesThe size of NatureTakeoff!First FlightDroopingSentryCapsules of LifeIce CloudHazy TowerRock in VaporTilting ReflectionSinking into DuskGlowing ShadowSilent ArchwaySnow SwordArrowThe color of changing timesCrisscross ColorsShadowed ProwlerTurmoilEvening BreakerPillar of AutumnToppling TowersSplash!Frozen BeautyA Burning FireOverlappingThe outstretched handCrosshairsLeaning on the EdgeTurn AwayBeehindNarrow PerchColor, Contrast, CloudSwirling SkyOverlookingThe Calm before the StormImperfect BeautyA Red FireCold CouchEerieGolden HourSkyward ReflectionAnticipationA Short StackCapturing them allHanging Outgolden whiteIncoming!The monster returnsFinal burst of ColorLopsidedAs they Fade. . .Contrast of the SeasonsReaching for the FleetingThe colors of Life and DeathSmall and FuzzyA last LookStaredownThe MonsterOne of many feetOnly his ShadowThe DistanceTemporary LifeSmokey MountainsBlue backed BubblesWorthington GlacierAlpineAbove the World. . .Rock and CloudRiding AnchorLooking to the LightOne against the SkyCrystaline PearlFire and SkyThe PaletteLost in Time and SpaceAlaskan wilderness: 1898Fish onIlluminatedOn the Road againShroudedDinner timeCountlessrestFloating SoloBad Hair DayDesolateLeaving. . .The eyesSluggishColor in confusionHappy 4th!Amidst the shadowsglowThe accompliceBlueJaws of deathveins of lifeClearHead in the cloudsStanding tall till the endExpanseUpwards and DownwardsOut to SeaRolling thunderSmooth as silkInfraredalikeFinal momentsIce EdgeCalmMajesticBalancelonelyToo Close for ComfortHanging onFocal PointminuteTinyEvening journeysSerenitySmallPaintbrush of NatureSharp and PokeyTiny lines