The mobflipper upCampers. . .where?Until they hatchThe swarmWatchThrough the cloudsThe waiting treeThe waitingReady to FallLooking downEvening restBack at lastThe FlockTouchdownComing homeYou interrupted me. . .Return to perchIn search. . .Stand StillLastPaddle byLookNatural?Stand and sleepLook over shadowRerunsThe Black and White BirdInto the eyesThe WindIn likeness. . .The TwoEagle on IceOutsiderFluffedLooking back againPeek outComing overAnticipating hard times ahead. . .Still colorNevermoreThreeFreezeHidden. . .sort ofBehind the cageWhere?The final hours. . .The essence of balanceTip topLone LoonMoving through. . .The last. . .Willow PtarmiganThe animal. . .Owl AbstractionAmerican DipperStrutAir SuperiorityBad tail day. . .Always followAlmost Falling. . .Soar. . .One Wing HiAnd still they swim. . .ThreeAlder FlycatcherLeapTwoNew lifeMine!Field. . .DropLook overOne against the worldStareFlight pathLook and ListenDuoStillMean eyeMoving inMoveSplashdownWhy did the moose cross the road?Natural groundBoat? Where?Get away!Where did YOU come from?The good and the badAlone in the worldWhere is the food?Now, free as a birdConfusion in FlightSquintBathtimeThe KingCanvasbackHidden awayWho are you?Cold CouchHanging OutIncoming!A last Look