About me:

I am a student photographer living in central Alaska .

I have been fascinated with photography my whole life. . .but with  most all photography up to about 10 years ago being film based, it was both difficult, and expensive to learn. I think that my first camera was a little plastic 110 camera that I got for 25 cents at a yard sale when I was six. With a few other cheap film cameras in between, my first real camera was a 4MP Minolta that I purchased in May of 2004. After being exposed to the fun, ease, and unlimited possibilities of digital photography, I took photos non-stop. Now nearly 100,000 images later I have advanced and matured in my photography.

Although the majority of my images are taken for personal use, I have been published both nationally and internationally. My images have appeared in news publications such as the Copper River Record, Anchorage Daily News, Fairbanks News Miner, Juneau Empire, and USA Today. Recently images have also been published in both Nature’s Best Photography, and Nature’s Best Photography For Kids.

Living in rural Alaska , nature photography for me is not so much about “creating” an image, but rather representing the wonders of our natural world as they appear before me. Traveling by foot, snowmobile, car, boat, and airplane, I have witnessed some incredible wilderness landscapes. Alaska is one of the last remaining expanses of true wilderness in our country, and I hope to communicate the grandeur of that wilderness through my images.

My Equipment:

I use primarily Canon EOS digital equipment - generally a Canon 30D.

My current Canon lenses include the 17-40L, 50mm 1.8, and 100-400LIS.

All images are taken in RAW format, and processed in Adobe Photoshop CS2.


Photographic Links:

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If you have any comments or questions, please drop me a note at markhenspeter[at]gmail[dot]com or contact[at]markhenspeter[dot]com

All images are available for purchase. All recent images (May 2006 or later) are taken with an 8MP or higher digital SLR and can be printed at reasonable size. If you are interested in purchasing a print please contact me at the above addresses and I will get you a price sheet and information.