This is from my little trip to the "new spot" I found the other day. It's not at all new, it's just a place I had not photographed before. I live on the north shore of the Klutina River, and all I did was go do the south shore, haha. Anyway, I don't know if the EXIF reads correctly over 1 second, so this is a 6 second exposure (I think) using my good old trick of stacking two polarizers(one CP, one LP). What looks like fog or mist is just the water moving in and out of the rocks for six seconds.

Categories: [Abstract]  [Nature]  
Camera model: DiMAGE 7Hi
Shutter speed: 6 sec
Aperture: f 9.5
Focal Length: 49.2890625 mm
ISO: 134742116
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