Passing By
Passing By

The colors in this photo just seemed rather somber and sad. . .oh well. Its pretty tight along the sides there - but thats how I framed it - so I'll leave it like that.

Also, I am heading off to Colorado today - so I will be having a few photos of my own, and then a guest poster while I'm gone.

I'll have some good photos when I get back next week - you will definitely be seeing some of them.

[EXIF: 250/s @ f/3.5 @200mm]

Categories: [Abstract]  [Flowers]  [Macro]  [Nature]  
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  • I really like's very calming and soft. It looks like a sunset...or warmth...which is ironic because it's probably way too cold up there. Nice work. Have fun in CO!
    Desseray @ 2006-02-04 06:21:24
  • Cool silhouette, have fun in Colorado.
    clarence @ 2006-02-04 19:15:03
  • This is beautiful. Love the silhouette, the oranges blending in with the blacks. Wow!
    Rolling Red @ 2006-02-04 20:06:57
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