The colors of Life and Death
The colors of Life and Death

I don't know if you can really see in the web version of this photo, but that is a (very) small spider, wrapping up a (ever smaller) fly.

Also, there was a bit of confusion on yesterdays photo, as I had it set to upload at 6PM today, rather than 12:01AM the day before (oops, haha). So, if you have not seen the photo yet make sure to check it out.

Categories: [Abstract]  [Macro]  [Nature]  
Camera model: DiMAGE 7Hi
Shutter speed: 1/125 sec
Aperture: f 3.5
Focal Length: 49.484375 mm
ISO: 100
  • Nice photo, with the backlight.
    Chantal @ 2005-08-26 02:06:35
  • Very cool colors on the web! (The spider web, not the world wide web) :)
    Paul @ 2005-08-26 04:59:28
  • Excellent macro shot
    Tim P @ 2005-08-26 08:15:44
  • The web is gorgeous. Very neat colors!
    jamie @ 2005-08-26 08:48:06
  • Very interesting and unusual. =) Despite my dislike for spiders, this is a nice shot.
    Dess @ 2005-08-26 12:38:08
  • Spiders seem to be everywhere on the web, yes the world wide web. Great colors, like neon lights.
    Dawn @ 2005-08-26 17:00:50
  • I like the colours in the web. An excellent image.
    Graeme @ 2005-08-27 05:05:54
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